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Ruthie's Food Trucj

The Food!

We caught up with Ruthie’s Food Truck while they were parked outside Klyde Warren Park. All of the options were mouth-watering so it was hard to make a decision. Ultimately, we decided to get Turkey Trot and the Crazy Chicken. 

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot was incredible. The house made Slob Sauce was delicious and the bacon was wonderfully crispy (those baconey bites were my favorite!). The bread itself was perfectly toasted and there was so much ooey-gooey goodness from the melted sharp cheddar. I would eat this again in a heartbeat. 

Crazy Chicken

I really enjoyed the Crazy Chicken too! You really can’t go wrong with these big chunks of crispy chicken and, again, perfectly crispy bacon, smothered with jalapeno ranch. 

I’m confident that everything on the menu is probably delicious but if you have to pick just one item, go with the Turkey Trot!

When they handed us our food I saw that the bag was decorated by hand. The kids from the program (See below to find out about their incredible mission!) personally decorate the bags with thoughtful notes, which I think is really special. In all, I quite enjoyed our experience with Ruthie’s Food Truck!

Ruthie's Food Trucj

A bit about Ruthie's and their Mission

Ruthie’s is a gourmet Grilled Cheese Food Truck serving up hope & positive change in the Dallas community!

Ruthie’s provides externship opportunities to the youth who have participated in the Cafe Momentum internship program. Cafe Momentum is a local Dallas restaurant that operates as a non-profit for kids leaving the juvenile detention facilities.

By providing culinary training to youth leaving the Dallas juvenile detention facilities, the program is equipping the kids with valuable skills and opportunities to change their own lives.

The food from Ruthie’s is amazing and tastes even better paired with the knowledge that you’re supporting your very own community by choosing a grilled cheese sandwich. Lets support these amazing youths who are taking control, putting in the hard work and changing their lives for the better!

In addition to working with Cafe Momentum, Ruthie’s also provides meals and support to other local non-profits, as well as to first responders and veterans. Watch this video to see what impacts they made in 2019!

Hope you enjoyed learning about Ruthie’s mission as much as I did! Check out the links above to find out more about Ruthie’s and Cafe Momentum.



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