Empire Baking Co is a local, family owned and operated Bakery in Dallas.


I stopped by Empire Baking Co just before lunch time last week. My goal was to pick up a good sourdough loaf so I could make my favorite Avocado Toast at home! 

I walked in and my eyes shot straight toward the many shelves of local artisanal deliciousness. I knew I was in for a treat!

Local, Family Owned and Operated

The owner was behind the counter and came over to give us a little tour of the products! She was so friendly and engaging. It really felt like a small-town, family-owned shop that you’d visit each week for your local baked goods.

Not only do they carry their own wonderfully curated goods, Empire Baking Co showcases so many local products from other small businesses and farms. From jams and relish, pickles and spice mixes, to honey and even coffee! I’m confident you’ll find lots of delicious goods and there’s never been a better time to support our local businesses!

Fresh Baked Daily

Empire Baking Co offers a ton of different breads and sweets that they make in-house, from scratch, each day.

Honestly I was shocked to see how many different kinds of loaves they offer! It was like Christmas morning. But as I mentioned, I was looking for a loaf of Sourdough so I stuck with that. 

My tip: Go early to see the full selection of pastries and check out their menu to see their seasonal specials too!


I decided to grab a Sandwich for lunch while I was there, too!  And a cookie, of course. And a cinnamon roll… 😇 

The sandwich was so simple but was really, really good. you could taste the quality even down to the, as they called it, “real mayonnaise” that they use. In fact, the Peppered Turkey Sandwich that I chose was built on the Sourdough bread that I was buying. I was able to sample it and confirm that it was incredible! The bread was light and chewy with lots of flavor.

The cookie was Lemon Ricotta. It was a light and fluffy, almost cake-like dream. The Cinnamon Roll was unreal! It was so moist and just the right sweetness, and the candied nuts on top really made it.

Look at how delicious everything looks!

I was also tempted by the sign on the door for the Iced tea special that was “back by popular demand”. It was a strawberry, hibiscus tea made with all organic ingredients. It was so refreshing and the next day I was craving it again.


Having a party?


In addition to all the unique local products, they also have an Entertaining section. I recommend stopping by before your next party to take a look! What’s more fun than putting together a DIY Charcuterie Board?! They have a nice little selection of artisanal cured meats and cheeses plus homemade dips and spreads to choose from. Your guests are sure to be impressed when you present an artisanal Charcuterie board from Empire! (Yes, that YOU put together. Bravo!) Don’t forget to grab some of those Parmesan Flatbread crisps before you leave!



My conclusion… Empire Baking Co is a great local bakery. I’ll definitely be back!




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