Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen

Doc B’s is a great new restaurant in Uptown with a bright, modern feel, serving fresh American food.

They have a fantastic menu featuring entree size salads that will hook even the biggest meat and potatoes fan, juicy and unique burgers with deliciously seasoned sweet potato fries, and mouth watering appetizers!

We told our waitress that we were new in town and she surprised us with their most popular appetizer, the Grilled California Artichokes, on the house!

I completely understand why they’re the best selling appetizer, they were AMAZING! I mean look at that perfect char!

Aside from the fact they gave us free food… the service is wonderful!

The wings are oven roasted at 700º so they’re perfectly crispy. They’re topped with chimichurri and sooo much parmesan! They aren’t your classic wings, they don’t have a sauce aside from the chimichurri but that’s because they’re perfect just the way they are.

Oven Roasted Chimichuuri Wings

The Buffalo Chicken Salad was fantastic! Again, these salads are huge! There was great spice and overall flavor to the chicken. The cornbread croutons really put this meal over the edge… I mean you haven't really had a crouton until you've had a cornbread crouton! My only note for next time is to get my dressing on the side

The Wedge Burger looks pretty unsuspecting in this photo... but it comes with a garlic sauce, blue cheese and candied bacon under that beautiful egg on top. It has a lot going on but is perfectly balanced! Like I said before, the sweet potato fries are delish! They’re thick cut and perfectly seasoned. They aren’t crispy though, so if that’s important to you... Give them a shot anyway, cuz that honey mustard sauce they serve them with is sure to change your mind!

It's more than just great food...!

Doc B's offers a rewards program, when you sign up you get $10 off your next visit!

As for the vibe of the restaurant, it’s bright and modern. They play awesome (not obnoxiously loud) music, have really interesting art hung all over the walls and have a great bar and patio! It's an easy combination of classy and trendy.

Regarding Covid-19 precautions, they have every other table blocked off for social distancing and their staff are all wearing masks. They bring a bottle of hand sanitizer to the table along with the menus and they serve each course with these adorable little wet naps (not the kind in a sterile package). They definitely seem to be taking precautions for their customers!



If you haven’t tried Doc B’s yet, go check em out! 🙂




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